Transport GMP+

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transport partner

Transport services for various types of liquid products, from GMP+ feed materials, animal by-products, ADR chemicals to liquid TDI/MDI and various types of corrosive products.


Comprehensive transport service

  • Transportation of GMP+ products and raw materials, such as oils, fats and all raw materials and additives used in the feed and pet food industry.

  • Transport of technical and feed animal fats, CAT 1 (dedicated transport), CAT 2 (dedicated transport), CAT 3.

  • Transportation of liquid chemicals in the broad sense, both ADR and neutral. Transportation of liquid natural gas (UN1972).

  • Transportation of liquid TDI (UN2078) and MDI, transportation of hydrochloric acid (UN1789) and sodium hypochlorite (UN1791).

  • Bunkering of all vessels, such as cruise ships, ferries, and other commercial vessels.

  • Complete intermodal solutions, from tank container rental to door-to-door delivery.